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The Mural Building: The Chicago Architecture Center

The Mural Building: The Chicago Architecture Center

The Mural Building: The Chicago Architecture Center

The Mural Building: The Chicago Architecture Center


The Chicago Architecture Center’s (CAC) Open House Chicago (OHC) event, held every October, is a popular weekend during which architecturally-significant private buildings open their doors in ways normally inaccessible to the public. We’ve been the proud Presenting Sponsor for the last three years, and as Chicago’s Bank®, we’re happy to support this year’s event.

During 2020, the CAC is looking forward to marking the tenth anniversary of OHC. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic brings challenges to the traditional OHC format of entering buildings, usually full of crowds. So, the CAC is reconfiguring the event this year to highlight the impressive exterior architecture evident across the city, while still celebrating 10 years. The 2020 OHC format will be a 10-day, outdoor-only exploration of more than 20 neighborhoods in Chicago. It will run from October 16 – 25, 2020, with the focus on appreciating buildings from the outside, understanding their connection to the surrounding neighborhoods, and allowing everyone to stay safe. 

This mural highlights the 2020 OHC event, featuring bold imagery of the rich cultural and architectural diversity that makes up Chicago’s neighborhoods. It includes many of the OHC places and spaces you can “discover endlessly” through self-guided walking and bike tours, and through virtual talks and programs from the comfort of your home. The mural’s artwork depicts iconic Chicago buildings in a bright, colorful, and inclusive manner. As a free community event, OHC welcomes everyone, and the tours include a diverse range of architectural styles and historically significant spots.

One of the mural’s panels says “Endless Discoveries” because this year’s OHC isn’t limited to just one weekend and doesn’t rely on entry into buildings, so viewers can always visit somewhere new. It also refers to other avenues the CAC offers to explore the city’s architecture. These include virtual tours, programs, and exhibits, as well as specific hands-free exhibits at the center, including the world’s largest interactive 3D model of Chicago. 

Whether you’re a tourist or a local getting to know your city better, OHC is a great opportunity to discover new places that demonstrate what makes Chicago unique. Now, more than ever, we’re able to find historical and cultural vibrance and relevance by exploring closer to home.   

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