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How to differentiate yourself as a homebuyer

How to differentiate yourself as a homebuyer

How to differentiate yourself as a homebuyer

How to differentiate yourself as a homebuyer


Interest rates are low, which means the housing market is hot. You’ve found the home of your dreams, but the competition is fierce. How can you differentiate yourself as a buyer and make your offer stand out among the crowd?

Take a pen to paper
Most homeowners want the home they love to be passed on to someone else who will love it just as much. You already know what you love about the house, so let them know: the big yard for your dog to run around, an open concept kitchen and living room to host your family for the holidays, or the perfect playroom for your kids to grow up in. You can picture yourself there; help them picture you there, too.

Put it in motion
Take it to the next step and record a video to show why you think the house would be a perfect fit. Record your kids’ excited reactions to what could be their new bedroom or backyard. Explain how meaningful it would be to fit your whole family at the table in the large dining room. Tug at their heartstrings and remind them why this house is perfect for you.

Say thank you, the old-fashioned way
In a digital world, thank you cards are a lost art, but they show you’ve gone out of your way to extend your gratitude. Send the seller a note, thanking them for listing their home and wishing them luck in their own move. It’s a small gesture, but it goes along way. You could also consider sending flowers, cookies, or another small gift of gratitude.

Take it as is
If you just have to have this house, and you’re willing to make repairs yourself after you purchase it, consider making a no-contingency offer. This means the seller doesn’t have to make any repairs or upgrades, like getting a new water heater, fixing a crack in the chimney, or other similar projects you might normally ask for before completing the sale. By making it easier on the seller, you’ll have to budget to take care of these fixes yourself, but it could mean getting the home of your dreams.

Cash is king
If you can, sell your current home and use that cash to buy the new home. This can lead to a faster close, making it easier on the seller. This isn’t always a possibility, but if you can time it right, a cash offer might be the way to go.

Tune in to the seller
Ultimately, you’re trying to get noticed. Think about what the seller might be going through or what’s important to them. They’re moving to a new home, so maybe they’d like more time to pack up and prepare for the move. Some buyers are offering their guest houses or vacation rentals to give the seller a place to stay while they look for their next home. Buyers who own their own businesses may offer services free of charge, like teaching piano lessons to the kids, baking a celebration cake, or offering other freelance services. If you have the chance to get to know the seller, find out what else money can’t buy and offer to help make it happen.

When it comes to buying your dream home, finding a unique way to make your offer stand out is key in today’s market. A personal touch shows that you genuinely care, makes a responsible first impression, and shows the seller that you are a trustworthy owner, which can all increase the chance that the seller will accept your offer. 

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